There are two major type of batteries we are developing and producing, the best solid-sate battery and lithium battery. The batteries developed by our own formula, which enjoys wide applications when doing customizing service for clients requiring products like portable power station, trolling motor system,or other emergency use power stations for industrial or residential usage. To pursue longer range, faster charging, and safer standards in new energy products’ R&D, solid-state battery plays a leading part. The solid electrolyte materials are used to solve the problem of high safety and high energy density that traditional lithium batteries face in the application field.

The solid-state battery can be applied well in 3C and special-function intelligent electronic products, back-up or emergency energy storage systems for industrial and home use,and furthermore, the EV industry requiring high-density energy storage etc. Though the cost is bit higher compared to lithium batteries, the highest requirements in safety will explain the next-generation battery’s position. 

Another type is the widely used lithium battery nowadays, and it meets international standards for different energy storage products. Our daily power storage products or devices such as portable power station, marine motor battery pack and household back-up energy storage system etc are mostly adopted with lithium batteries because they are also very stable, safe and fast in charge, but with lower cost. In this sector, we lithium battery manufacturers can help you design and develop different energy storage products using your preferred type of batteries. 

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