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Home Energy Storage Systems


Home energy storage system, also known as battery storage system. At its core are rechargeable batteries, usually based on lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries, controlled by a smart computer and coordinated with other hardware and software to achieve fully intelligent charge and discharge cycles. Home energy storage systems can often be combined with distributed photovoltaic power generation to form an optical home storage system.

Due to the dramatic increase in the cost of energy consumption, many regions around the world will face skyrocketing household electricity bills and a lack of or highly unstable power supply for a long time to come. Therefore, how to provide a stable and cost-effective power supply is the top priority in solving the current problem. Therefore, home storage systems will be widely used in many countries. They store electricity from the solar system or the power grid so that you can use it at any time - especially at night or during power outages.

The power grid in many countries is not very stable, and the shortcomings of traditional backup power generation systems are obvious: higher cost, higher noise, and greater pollution. By switching to the new version of residential energy storage system, we can save more money, reduce noise and air pollution, and most importantly, it is much safer and more stable. In addition, in many countries, the government offers subsidies to those who install a household power storage system. By using household backup energy systems, you can also contribute to an environmentally friendly system as it helps to reduce carbon emissions.


SNEPOW home battery storage system is one of the most practical and popular energy storage systems, which has attracted many customers from Germany, Spain, Britain, Italy, Australia, etc., and our technical team has participated in various projects on the whole energy storage solutions.

The modular design of our home backup energy storage system is well protected against overcharging, overdischarging, overcurrent, overheating and so on. It is incredibly flexible, scalable and has a large energy storage capacity, and is designed to provide users with adequate and reliable home energy storage. The LiFePO4 batteries and cells of A plus vehicle standard guarantee the safety and reliability of the system. In addition, our home backup energy storage system is integrated with an on/off grid design that can be flexibly switched between emergency operation and grid connection. With a 3-year warranty for the battery pack and a 5-year warranty for the hybrid inverter, you do not need to worry about stability and maintenance.


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