Energiespeichersysteme im Versorgungsmaßstab


Utility-scale Energy Storage System


With the development of the global economy, climate change and various types of secondary natural disasters triggered by carbon emissions have become important issues affecting all mankind.

The massive deployment of photovoltaic, wind power and other renewable energy sources has given hope and a new direction to global energy restoration, but also poses a problem to the stability of energy supply. Energy storage technology is an important means to solve the problem of the intermittent and unstable nature of renewable energy, especially to ensure a stable power supply and regulate peak loads.

Commercial and industrial energy storage is a typical application for distributed energy storage systems on the user side, which is characterized by its proximity to the power end and load center of distributed PV systems, which can not only effectively improve the absorption capacity of clean energy, but also effectively reduce power transmission losses and achieve the goals of decarbonization and sustainability.


SNEPOW industrial and commercial energy storage solutions are designed to meet peak power generation needs by storing surplus energy. The modular system configuration provides flexibility to accommodate all types of industrial and commercial scenarios and also supports multi-mode operation, which increases return on investment and allows for peak shifting, staggered power consumption and grid relief. In addition, the battery storage system can be operated and monitored automatically through the battery management system, preventing overcharging or overdischarging problems, balancing internal operating conditions, and ensuring stable power supply in emergency situations.

Commercial and industrial energy storage is suitable for application scenarios that require high stability of power supply, and can be used in charging/exchange stations, data centers, 5G base stations, and other peak load reduction and microgrid scenarios.

SNE-51200W/ HV is available in 6 different specifications for free selection. Standardized cabinet battery pack with BMU-BMS two-stage management design, supports 512V and 768V voltage levels, RS -232/485, CANBUS converter communication protocols, each unit is shipped from factory after rigorous testing under simulated load conditions to ensure the highest stability and safety. It complies with standard specifications UN38.3, MSDS, UL1973, IEC62619, supports up to 4 groups in parallel and can be expanded to 860kWh for industrial and commercial applications.

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