Sistemas de centrales eléctricas portátiles


Portable Power Station Systems


The best portable power station, which can also be called a mobile power storage system or product, is usually used for two main applications: outdoor activities and backup power in emergency situations such as natural disasters or accidents that cause power outages.

For example, camping and hiking with electrical navigation, lighting or communication systems, and operating equipment at sea or on land. However, portable power stations are well-suited to meet the vast majority of power needs during outdoor activities, and even for personal safety if you find yourself in danger.

In the event of natural disasters, wars, or insufficient power generation capacity, unexpected power interruptions can occur. In most cases, sudden power outages cannot be effectively combated, seriously affecting communication, medical safety and water supply, thus endangering the life and safety of individuals.The portable power station can effectively solve the problems of power shortage, power outage and emergency rescue in disasters, and can be widely used in the rapid power supply of disaster areas or war zones. It can also be combined with solar panels to form a small solar power system, which can provide off-grid power generation after a disaster and safeguard people's livelihood.

However, it is not limited to the two main functions, as outdoor activities are becoming more and more diverse and individualized, and the portable power storage system is not only to meet the needs of general 3C products for charging during outdoor activities, but also to provide lighting, cooking, cooling and stabilizing the connection with people or even powering the vehicle, etc. during an RV trip.


So before you choose the right type to meet your needs, you should think about the suitable capacity to meet your expectations. Usually, a higher capacity covers a longer range and lasts longer to charge your necessary devices. Our 2000W and 3600W portable power banks are specially designed for hobbyists, campers, outdoor adventurers, etc. Another important function of portable power bank is emergency power needs. In some countries, forest fires, floods, hurricanes, etc. may occur, so the subsequent power interruption will affect the smooth communication with the outside world. And in case of urgent need to charge medical equipment, this kind of power storage products are of great help.

SNEPOW, the supplier of portable power station supplier is dedicated to the research and development of power battery products and is one of the best power storage solution providers in this field. All your OEM/ODM requirements for power storage or backup power can be met.

SNEPOW has developed a portable power station, both safe, portable, stable and environmentally friendly. It uses a built-in lithium-ion battery with high energy density, which provides stable AC and DC power. In addition, it has a larger output power and is equipped with AC, DC, Type-C, USB, PD and other interfaces that can match with most electronic devices on the market, suitable for scenarios that require mobile power use, combined with solar panels It can be used for fast charging.

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