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The home energy storage system is based on the electrochemistry power storage. It’s usually divided into lithium-ion battery and lead-acid battery. Household backup energy storage system will be widely adopted in European countries because of the sharp rise of their energy consumption cost. 

The power grid in many countries is not very stable and the defects of traditional back-up power generation device is obvious: higher cost,noisier and bigger pollution to environment. Thus, by upgrading to the new-version household energy storage system, it helps us save more money, lower the pollution of noise and air, and mostly importantly, it’s much safer and more stable. Besides, in many countries, the government offers subsidies to those who install the household backup power systems. By using home backup energy systems, you can also contribute to the eco-friendly system, because they help to reduce the carbon emissions.

 Our 5000V home battery storage system is the most practical and popular type so far, which has attracted many clients from Germany, Spain,UK,Italy, Australia etc, and our technical team has participated in the overall energy storage solutions during different projects. The modular design of our home backup energy storage system is well protected against overcharge,over-discharge,over-current,overheating etc. The vehicle standard A plus LiFePO4 battery pack and cell guarantees its safety and reliability. Moreover, our home backup power storage system is integrated with on/off grid design, which can be exchanged flexibly between emergency use and grid connection. With 3-year warranty for battery pack and 5-year warranty for the hybrid inverter, you won’t be worrying about the stability and all-round maintenance problem.

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