Lithium Battery

Among so many categories for the application of power storage battery, another subdivided type is designed mainly for trolling motors, which we call marine battery or trolling motor battery. We lithium battery wholesale supplier offer the marine battery systems of voltage of 12V, 24V, 36V with capacities of 50Ah, 100Ah. With our robust marine motor system composed of LiFePO4 battery pack, you'll get more enduring power, lighter weight, faster charging, smarter control experience when you explore the fun of fishing. The LiFePO4 batteries have very high thermal and chemical stability. Multiple built-in protections, including over charge, over discharge, over heating and short circuit protection etc. 

All trolling motor lithium batteries from SNEPOW should be charged with the original charger. The chargers enable a better performance and longer life of the batteries which can reach the optimal charging performance. Even though the batteries are over-discharging and dropping down to 1V, the chargers can wake up the sleep batteries, bringing them back to life. 

Here are some more reasons that you shall consider to use our marine battery solutions: 

Easy to install and drop-in replacements;

No corrosions, no watering, no need to clean the acid deposits;

Built-in BMS ,your batteries can reach a peak performance from real-time monitoring, remote diagnosing and upgrading, and all-time cell balancing management;

Green energy, no-harm to you & the environment; 

Strict waterproof ,work stably in some extreme weathers.

If you need a one-stop energy storage solution service, turn to SNEPOW for help any time please.

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