Solid State Battery--the Battery Technology Evolution

August 03, 2022

Batteries don’t just power our portable devices but make us more relied on renewable energy nowadays. The development of IT, mobility, and manufacturing sectors are empowered by the rapid evolution of battery technology.

           Battery pack for RV

As the battery keeps being upgraded to ensure more clean energy, the renewable energy from solar and wind thus can bring a more sustainable future, because batteries can help to save energy for later use, which when there’s not enough sunshine or wind can generate power, we can still enjoy stable power supply.

Solid-state battery cells

Well, choosing the right battery system for your energy storage purpose is also very important. The commonly used batteries now for homes or industries are mostly lithium-ion batteries because they have high performance, density, and protective in the environment.

Batteries for military device

Apart from lithium batteries, there’s another type of battery is gathering much attention, the solid-state battery, which is said to be the next generation battery, with more advantages to ensure safety, stability, faster charging, higher density, lower weight, etc.

Solid-state battery pack for yacht

Though it’s not widely applied yet, but many EV and public transportation networks have started to try them and it’s expected to become the best battery alternatives for autopilot cars. To find out more types of lithium or solid-state batteries and their applications, go to snepowdotcom.

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