The Benefits of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries(LiFePO4) (vs. lithium & non-lithium battery)

November 14, 2022

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries are very popular in the battery market for their long life and safety. This is seen recently with Tesla's Model 3 and BYD's Han series launching with LiFePO4 batteries. But what does LiFePO4 means? What makes this battery superior to other types of battery? 

What is LiFePO4 Battery?

LiFePO4 battery is now known as the safest, most stable and most reliable lithium battery. It is a lithium battery made of lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4). LiFePO4 battery does not contain cobalt, which is a kind of noble metal. Over time, its cost is lower than most alternatives. It is non-toxic, and let battery has a longer lifespan. Overall, future of LiFePO4 is clear.

Other lithium batteries include:

◻️ LiCoO2

◻️ LiNiMnCoO2

◻️ LTO

◻️ LiMn2O4

◻️ LiNiCoAlO2

LiFePO4 vs. Lithium Battery

Now we know what LiFePO4 battery is, let's discuss what makes LiFePO4 battery better than other lithium batteries. LiFePO4 batteries are not suitable for wearable devices such as watch. It’s energy density is lower than other batteries. However, it is the best choice for solar energy systems, RVs, golf carts, bass boats and electric motorcycles. Why?

◻️ The cycle life of LiFePO4 battery is 4 times than other lithium ion batteries, even more.

◻️ It is also the safest lithium battery type on the market, which is safer than lithium-ion and other battery types.

◻️ LiFePO4 batteries can not only reach 3000-5000 cycles or more... They can reach 100% depth of discharge (DOD). So you don’t have to worry about over discharge issue. They have excellent performance in these field than other types of batteries. And it means, with high-quality LiFePO4 batteries, you can own a longer service life.

LiFePO4 Battery vs. Non-lithium Battery

Apparently, LiFePO4 battery is the winner when people refer to LiFePO4 battery and lithium battery. But what about the other chargeable battery in market?

◻️ Lead-acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries are cost effective at the beginning, but it will cost more in the long term. Because they they need regular maintenance, and you have to replace them more frequently. The service life of LiFePO4 battery is 2-4 times longer, and  no maintenance.

◻️ Gel Batteries

Like LiFePO4 battery, gel battery does not need to be charged frequently. They also do not lose charge when stored. What is the difference between gel battery and LiFePO4 battery? An important factor is the charging process. The gel battery charges at snail speed. In addition, you must disconnect them as fully charged to avoid damaging them.

◻️ AGM Batteries

AGM battery cost is a little bit expensive, and there is a high risk for becoming damage if you drain them over 50%. Also difficult in maintenance. LiFePO4 battery can be fully discharged and no risk of damage.

What are the Benefits of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries(LiFePO4)?

◻️ Safe and stable chemical properties

Safety is an important point for batteries. In fact, LiFePO4 is the safest type in lithium batteries.

In general, LifePO4 battery has the safest lithium chemical composition. Why? Because LiFePO4 has better thermal stability and structural stability. This is the level that lead-acid and most other battery types do not have. LiFePO4 is nonflammable. It can withstand high temperatures without decomposition. Thermal runaway is not easy to happen and it will keep cool at room temperature.

If you test LiFePO4 battery withstanding severe temperatures or dangerous events (such as short circuit or collision), it will not catch fire or explode. It’s an inspired news for people whose using deep cycle LiFePO4 batteries in RVs, bass boats or golf cars.

◻️ Environmental friendly

LiFePO4 batteries have become the essential part of our planet because they are rechargeable. But their ecological friendliness goes beyond that. Unlike lead-acid and lithium nickel oxide batteries, they are non-toxic and do not leak.

You can also recycle them. But you don't need to do this often, because they can use 5000 cycles. This means you can charge them (at least) 5000 times. In contrast, lead-acid batteries can only be recycled for 300-400 times.

◻️ Superb efficiency and performance

You need a safe, non-toxic battery. But you also need a good perform battery. We have the following data to support:

-- Charging efficiency: LiFePO4 battery will be fully charged in 2 hours or less.  

-- Self discharge rate when not in use: only 2% per month. (compared with 30% of lead-acid batteries).

-- Running time is higher than lead-acid battery/other lithium batteries.

-- Power consistency: even the battery life is less than 50%, the current intensity can be the same.

-- No maintenance.

◻️ Lightweight

Many factors will affect the performance of LiFePO4 battery. Speaking of weighing - they are completely lightweight. In fact, they are nearly 50% lighter thanLiMn2O4 batteries. They weigh 70% less than lead-acid batteries. When you use the LiFePO4 battery in your vehicle, it means less gas usage and higher mobility. They are also compact and can free up space for scooters, boats, RVs or industrial applications.

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