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SNEPOW high power 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery cells have obvious outstanding advantages in capacity and performance. It is larger than 18650 cells, providing greater capacity and higher discharge current, and it has high energy density, fast charging speed, low resistance, high discharge rate, long life and low cost. The battery cells can be widely used in low emission vehicles, solar storage systems, power tools, laptops, medical devices, electronic cigarettes, etc. 21700 battery pack specifications can be customized to meet your needs.

Advantages of lithium-ion batteries:

- Higher energy density.

- Lower cost.

- Lower weight.

- High discharge performance.

- Low energy consumption, in line with global low-carbon philosophy.

- Zero maintenance.

- The best alternative to lead-acid batteries.

- Longer cycle life.

- Lower self-discharge rate.

Product Parameter

Nominal Capacity


-Charge: 0.5C(2A), 4.2V, 100mA cut-off 

-Discharge: 0.2C(800mA), 2.5V cut-off *1C = 4000mA

Minimum Capacity


 -Charge: 0.5C(2A), 4.2V, 100mA cut-off 

-Discharge: 0.2C(800mA), 2.5V cut-off *1C = 4000mA

Internal Impedance at 1000 Hz≤ 12mΩ(25±3℃ ,30%SOC)
Standard ChargeCCCV, 2A, 4.2V, 100mA cut-of
Rated ChargeCCCV, 4A, 4.2V, 100mA cut-of
Nominal Voltage3.6V
Max. Charging Current


Charging Time

Standard Charge : 150 minutes 

Rated Charge:90 minutes (at 25±3° C)

Max. Continuous Discharge  Current35A(with 80℃ cut-off)
Discharge Cut-off Voltage2.5 V
Weight69.0g Max.
DimensionsHeight : ≤ 70.35mm Diameter : ≤ 21.35mm
Operating Temperature

Charge : 0 to 50℃ (Recommended recharge recovery < 45℃ ) 

Discharge:-20 to 80℃ (Recommended re-discharge recovery < 60℃ )

Storage temperature

1 year:-20~25℃ (*) 

3 month : -20~45℃ (*)

1 month: -20~60℃ (*)

Nominal Capacity


Minimum Capacity


Nominal Voltage3.6V
Delivery Voltage3.50~3.58V
Charge Voltage4.2V±0.03V
Standard Charging Method

0.2C constant current,4.2V  constant voltage charge to  4.2V,

continue charging till  current decline to ≤ 0.01C

Fast Charge Current

0.5C 2300mA

Standard Discharging Method

0.2C constant current  

discharge to 2.75V

Cell AC Internal Impedance≤ 25mΩ
Maximum Charge Current1C 4600mA
Maximum Discharge Current3C 13800mA
Operation Temperature and  Relative Humidity Range

Charge: 0~45℃ (60±25%R.H.)

Discharge: -20~65℃ (60±25%R.H.)

Storage Temperature for a  Long Time-20~45℃ (60±25%R.H.)

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Energy Storage Systems
Low Emission Vehicles

Medical Devices

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