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SNEPOW's BIPV solar panels, made from polymeric sheets and top quality solar cells, high-transmittance and low reflection, offer high output power, low system load, and excellent power generation performance even in low light conditions. Can be used in greenhouse or window roof tiles. Support customized services, and you can tell us your needs.

Product Parameter

Nominal Voltage(V)220
Open Circuit Voltage53.95
Short-circuit current5.63
Optimal Operating Voltage45.84
Optimal Operating Current4.85
Component Dimensions1160*1030*3.5
Component Weight5.3
Front PlateETFE
Back PlatePolymeric Sheets
Junction BoxFront / Back attached
Operating Temperature-40℃+85℃
Power Temperature Coefficient-0.38%/℃
Maximum System Voltage1000VDC
Cable connectorMC4

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