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SNEPOW high energy density solid state battery cell is suitable for patrol inspection and security, photography and aerial photography, 3C electronics and other fields with long power demand time and low magnification requirements. Our solid state battery cell adopt the most advanced battery technology and manufacturing process in the industry, and have the absolute advantages of higher energy density, lighter weight, longer lifetime, higher safety, etc. It is a technological breakthrough product in the battery field, meeting the core requirements of human beings for higher performance and safety of batteries. All solid state battery cell have passed CE, VDE, UL and other certifications.

Advantages of solid-state batteries:

- Higher energy density.

- Best safety, no fire and no explosion.

- Smaller size and lighter weight.

- Faster charging speed.

- High discharge performance.

- Low energy consumption, in line with global low-carbon philosophy.

- Longer cycle life.

- Excellent thermal stability. Withstand lower or higher operating temperatures.

Product Parameter

Nominal Voltage(V)
Operating Voltage(V)4.2~2.754.2~2.754.2~2.754.2~2.75
Energy Density(Wh/kg)270270270270
Max. Continuous Charge Current(A)32445460
Max. Continuous Discharge Current(A)80110135150
Charge Operate Temperature(℃)0~450~450~450~45
Discharge Operate Temperature(℃)-20~55-20~55-20~55-20~55
Cycle Life(@1C/3C, 25℃)1500150015001500

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