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The SNE5510/5520 On/off grid all-in-one system adopts an integrated design, which is an ideal choice for household energy storage. It has two photovoltaic inputs, each of which supports independent MPPT, 120V-450V MPPT voltage range, can be intelligently set for grid, PV and battery power supply priorities mode. Support RS232, WIFI multiple communication methods, and observe the system operating status anytime and anywhere. This on/off grid all-in-one system has sufficient capacity for independent operation. Each energy storage device is tested under simulated load conditions in the factory before dispatching from factory. It complies with CE, VDE and UL standards. It can expand lithium batteries and the capacity of 10-20kWh batteries can be freely selected.

Product Features

1. Grid, PV, battery power supply priority can be set;

2. Built-in timer for switch operation in multiple modes;

3. Support RS232 WIFI multiple communication methods, it is convenient to check the system running status;

4. Extendable lithium battery design, 10-20kWh lithium battery can be selected to meet the daily electricity demand of users;

5. Hybrid inverter, support grid-connected power sales;

6. Pure sine wave output, friendly to electrical appliances;

7. Stacked design, easy to install.

Product Parameter
    SNE 5510-EY1A1SNE 5520-EY1A1
Main Performance Parameters of Inverter
Max.PV Input Power6500 W
Rated Output Power5500 W
Max. Charging Power5000 W
PV Input Parameters  (DC)
Rated DC Voltage / Max.DC Voltage360 VDC / 500 VDC
Start-up Voltage / Initial Feed Voltage116 VDC / 150 VDC
MPPT Voltage Range120 VDC ~ 450 VDC
Number of MPPT Trackers / Max. Supply Current2 / 2 x 13 A
Parallel/ Output(AC)
Rated Output Voltage208 / 220 / 230 / 240 VAC
Output Voltage184 - 264.5 VAC*
Max. Output Current23.9 A*
Max. Transfer Efficiency (DC / AC)96%
European Efficiency95%
AC Input Parameters
Auto Starting Voltage120 - 140 VAC / 180 VAC
Acceptable Voltage Range170 - 280 VAC
Max. AC Input Current40 A
Battery Model Output (AC)
Rated Output Voltage208 / 220 / 230 / 240 VAC
Efficiency (DC to AC)93%
Battery Parameters
Nominal Voltage51.2 VDC
Max.Operating Current120 A200 A
Storage Power10.24kWh20.48kWh
Recommended Charge Voltage(FC)56 V
End-off  Voltage (FD)45V
ProtectionsBMS,   Circuit Breaker,Inverter
Internal Resistance(AC)< 20 m Ohm
Cycle Life≥4000cycles /80%DOD@25℃
General Parameters
Dimensions(W/D/H)214*621*1205 mm214*621*1755 mm
Operating Temperature/ Humidity Range0-55℃/0-80%RH
CommunicationsWIFI, RS232
Optional ItemsEU standard/ US standard/ JP standard

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