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SNE-N300/SNE-N500 portable power station energy storage devices are specially designed for users with less electricity demand, and are suitable for going out to work or camping outdoors for short distance. This portable power station adopts the most cutting-edge and high-end appearance design, and can also be customized according to customer needs. The external shell is made of fireproof materials to ensure the best durability and anti-falling protection effect. At the same time, its AC output has an overload capacity of 200%, greatly improving its availability. Extremely excellent energy management system to ensure self consumption of less than 3%/month. Extremely high DC \AC efficiency, can reduce heat generation and save battery energy. This portable power station has passed CE, VDE and UL standards certification.

Product Parameter
Battery TypeTernary Lithium
AC WaveformPure Sine Wave
Rated Output Power500W Surge 600W
AC Output110V
Charging Time~5.5hrs(120W Adapter)
Cigar Lighter12V/10A Max
DC Output12V/10A Max
USB5V/2.4A*4 QC3.0*1
Type-C(PD)100W Max
Operating Temperature-10~40℃
Optional ItemsEU standard/ US standard/ JP standard

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