Литиевый аккумулятор для дронов


Lithium Battery Pack for Drones

The use of drones has become more and more widespread since their introduction to the market and has penetrated into various application areas, while the technical development of drone performance has become more and more urgent.

Nowadays, most consumer drones and other types of drones are based on lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are characterized by short discharge time and high performance, low operating voltage, mature manufacturing process and high cost. With the continuous improvement of drone performance, battery capacity and range has become a serious problem that limits current development.


Therefore, solid-state batteries with high energy density, high safety and high flexibility are the best choice to overcome the bottleneck. Solid-state batteries not only far surpass the energy density of liquid lithium batteries, but also greatly improve battery life. In addition, the risk of safety accidents caused by the flammability of liquids and gasoline in lithium-ion batteries is completely eliminated, especially in aerospace, drone applications, electric vehicles and other fields.

As the world's leading developer of lithium battery technology, SNEPOW has pioneered the development of a new solid-state battery using revolutionary lithium battery manufacturing processes and technologies. Our solid-state battery uses laminated soft-pack technology and silicon-carbon anode materials that significantly exceeds the energy density of existing lithium batteries at over 280Wh/kg. This battery technology is safer, lasts longer and weighs less.

Solid-state batteries are suitable for products with high capacity and safety requirements, such as agricultural irrigation drones, mapping drones, electric vehicles and consumer electronics, etc. SNEPOW solid state batteries can also be customized to fit the shape of your products.

SNEPOW offers the best lithium battery packs for drones, we have the latest technology and the most reliable quality. Contact us now and get what you want! We offer the best battery solution for your golf cart.

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