Литиевый аккумулятор для электромобиля


Lithium Battery Pack for Electric Vehicle 

In the context of global carbon reduction, the demand for vehicles with new energy sources has exploded, and all countries are vigorously developing vehicles with new energy sources, which have a huge market.

The battery, the motor and the electric control system are the three key components of the new energy vehicles. The battery is the most important link and can be called the "heart" of the new energy vehicles. The service life, performance, cost and safety of the battery greatly affect the development of new energy vehicles.

Conventional electric vehicles mainly use lead-acid batteries as motive power. Due to the popularity of the lithium battery and its superior performance, most electric vehicles on the market now use lithium batteries as their power source.

The advantages of using lithium batteries for electric vehicles:

High energy density, Longer range. The energy density of lithium battery is 3-5 times higher than that of lead acid battery, with the same capacity battery, lithium battery car can also run farther.

Small size, light weight. This means that new energy car manufacturers can save more space and reduce the overall size of the battery pack.

With high power endurance. Suitable for high intensity acceleration of new energy vehicles.

Long cycle time. Lithium battery electric car charging and discharging times in more than 1000 times, can use 4-5 years, and lead acid batteries basically need to be replaced once a year.

High temperature resistance. Lithium battery can normally work in the environment of -20℃-60℃.

More environmental friendly. Lithium batteries, regardless of production, use and scrap, do not contain toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances.

SNEPOW has over 15 years experience in lithium battery technology, we have the latest technology and the most reliable quality. We can offer you the best battery solution for your electric vehicle.

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