Литиевый аккумулятор для вилочного погрузчика


 Lithium Battery Pack for Forklift


At present, lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries are mainly used in electric forklift trucks. Lithium batteries appear as a new form of power for forklifts, and their application in the forklift industry will definitely have a strong impact on the original forklift market pattern.

Lithium-ion batteries have incomparable advantages compared with traditional lead-acid batteries. Due to the rapid development of the logistics industry, there is an urgent need for a forklift lorry that has a short charging time, long operating time, stable performance, high operating intensity and a high degree of automation and intelligence, while the appearance of the lithium-ion battery has greatly promoted the development of the electric forklift industry.


Advantages of using SNEPOW lithium-ion battery pack for electric forklift lorry:

1. Cost saving: save more than 35% of electricity, reduce management costs and save battery storage space.

2. Long life: up to 5-10 years lifetime, which is three times longer than traditional lead-acid batteries.

3. Zero maintenance: no watering, no dripping corrosion and other pollution.

4. Fast charging: 1-3 hours to be fully charged in fast charging mode, keep the vehicle fully charged, ready to charge, uninterrupted work, suitable for multi-shift operation.

5. High safety: Each battery pack is equipped with intelligent BMS, which can automatically shut down the main circuit and alarm when the battery level is low, short circuit, overcharging, high temperature and other errors.

6. Environmental protection: using lithium batteries can reduce energy consumption in the workplace, which helps to protect the environment. On the other hand, lithium batteries do not contain toxic substances and do not emit harmful gases. This means that they are safer for both the environment and employees.

SNEPOW offers the best lithium batteries for forklifts. Contact us and we can offer you the best battery solution for your forklift.

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