Литиевый аккумулятор для морской пехоты


Lithium Battery Pack for Marine 

As an important tool for water transportation, the electrification of ships is an inevitable trend for future development in the context of global carbon reduction.

Electric ships can significantly reduce the pollutant emissions of ships, and some of them can even achieve zero emissions. With the continuous improvement of international ship emission regulations and the continuous development of ship battery and hybrid technology, the market acceptance of electric ships is increasing, and lithium-ion batteries for ships are driving the development of the shipping industry and becoming the focus of the future development of the shipping industry.


Application advantages of lithium marine batteries:

1. Pure electric ships need to carry a larger number of batteries and require higher performance, such as discharge multiplier and battery cyclability. Lithium-ion batteries can meet the high requirements of electric ships and balance the advantages.

2. Pure electric ships are more environmentally friendly and do not cause pollution. In addition, compared with traditional diesel and LNG fuel, lithium iron phosphate battery is simpler in structure, more stable in operation and cheaper in maintenance, which can better adapt to the future trend of environmental protection.

3. Compared with the traditional lead-acid battery, the lithium iron phosphate battery also has obvious advantages in terms of energy density, safety, cycle time and so on. As the proportion of future lithium battery applications in the electric ship field increases, the battery cost will also be lower.

As a global leader in marine lithium battery technology, SNEPOW is able to provide customers with technical expertise and reliable products to identify their needs and recommend the most cost-effective battery to meet their requirements.

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