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SNEPOW is guaranteed to cause no environmental pollution. Mercury ingredient in the battery cells is strictly controlled and the ingredient test shows that mercury ingredient is in a minimum amount of 0.0001%. .
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  • What is the Difference Between Cylindrical Cell, Prismatic Cell and Pouch Cell?
    What is the Difference Between Cylindrical Cell, Prismatic Cell and Pouch Cell?
    Due to their different cell manufacturing processes, lithium batteries are divided into three packaging forms: cylindrical, prismatic, and pouch. With their cylindrical shape and construction, cylindrical batteries were one of the first mass-produced battery types. Prismatic cells are popular for their high capacity and thin profile, and due to their prismatic shape, multiple cells are easily connected to form larger battery packs. Pouch cells are known for their lighter construction with their sealed flexible foil as containers. Each package has its own characteristics, reflecting the advantages and disadvantages of different types of lithium battery performance
  • Battery Recycling
    Battery Recycling
    Many types of devices we use today are battery powered. But if the battery cannot be used any longer, we need to find ways to deal with them. However, disposing batteries may generate a large amount of waste in the environment. In addition, batteries are carrying a lot of harmful substances. Therefore, it may not be a good idea to discard them. The alternative is to recycle them.
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