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  • The Nail Penetration Test for Solid-State Batteries ①
    The Nail Penetration Test for Solid-State Batteries ①
    Are solid-state batteries safe? The Battery Nail Penetration Test will tell you the answer. Put the fully charged battery on a flat surface, and use a steel needle to pierce the battery radially, which is to test whether the battery catches fire or explodes. In daily use, the battery may be short-circuited due to being penetrated by foreign objects. So the test can well reflect the occurrence of battery short circuits. When the steel needle penetrates, the steel needle provides a short-circuit path inside the battery, and the electric energy of the battery is converted into heat energy and stored inside the battery. The short circuit causes the concentrated explosion and release of energy in a short period, which may cause smoke and leakage. Even catch fire and explode. 
  • Solid State Battery--the Battery Technology Evolution
    Solid State Battery--the Battery Technology Evolution
    Batteries don’t just power our portable devices but make us more relied on renewable energy nowadays. The development of IT, mobility, and manufacturing sectors are empowered by the rapid evolution of battery technology.As the battery keeps being upgraded to ensure more clean energy, the renewable energy from solar and wind thus can bring a more sustainable future, because batteries can help to save energy for later use, which when there’s not enough sunshine or wind can generate power, we can still enjoy stable power supply.
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